60th Reunion Information



The 60th Reunion for the Class of 64′ will be held September 25th at the Edgewood Country Club. No price for the event has been determined but we are trying to keep it under $50 a person. It will be a 3 hours occasion starting at 11:30am. There be no driving after dark!!!
wilkinsburg64.com will be updated as details are available.
We need everyone to start spreading the word.

60 is a very big number and special in so many ways. As I am writing this I’m starting to realize just how lucky we are to be able to celebrate the occasion.


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We have four class members that are actively planning a reunion for next year. Other members of the class have expressed an interest in serving and will be added to the committee as needs and logistics come into play. The organizational members are: Diane Bowers Baxter – Marilyn Elder VanOrmer – John Lindberg – Jerry Wienand.
The Reunion Committee met in Pittsburgh on 8-22-2023 for preliminary discussions on a reunion for next year. Things seem to be moving ahead for a 60th meeting of our class. Everything at this point is subject to change but some guidelines for a successful event have been put in place.
The reunion will be a luncheon, there will be no nighttime driving!!!
Six (6) + venues are under consideration at this time.
A reunion hotel will be designated with the possibility of a gathering of the class at the hotel the evening before the main event. (Up for major discussion.)
Dates for the reunion are being considered for the late Summer through early Fall with September and October under serious consideration.
Wednesday (mid-week) is being considered for the luncheon as best for those people traveling as well as for financial considerations for the class.
Not everyone is a CLASSMATES member.  We need all class members to pass the word that a reunion will be held next year.
The   wilkinsburg64.com   web site is still active and will have more information in the coming weeks.

Wilkinsburg Train Station Pro: It is a recently renovated, beautiful space.   Con: A new restaurant has yet to sign a lease. There is no guaranty they could accommodate us. Parking, transportation & hotel.

HOSANNA HOUSE   This is the old Wilkinsburg Junior High. Pro: The building has been renovated to keep the integrity of the building. It is totally accessible. They have done a wonderful job. The event space (old auditorium) is perfect and they have kept the stage intact.   Con: Transportation, parking & a hotel are a big problem. And, we would have to find a caterer for the reunion.

HEINZ HISTORY CENTER  The museum is in the strip district of Pittsburgh.  Their event center is on the 5th floor.  It is a beautiful setting and accessible.  Pro: You can visit Mr. Rogers while you’re there. It has received the designation as the 2nd best history museum in the USA. (The Smithsonian is the 1st.) Con: Parking and downtown hotels are more than a little pricey.

EDGEWOOD COUNTRY CLUB   This is where we had our 50th reunion. The E.C.C. is a very nice venue. We have been treated very well there in the past & they do this kind of event many times over during the year. Marilyn has done great work to make this possible.  Pro: We have used them before and they have very high, acceptable standards. Hotels are near by with reasonable rates.  We will check out the hotels before we finalize anything. Con: None I think think of at this time. 

STATION SQUARE SHERATON   It is a very nice, modern hotel on the south side facing the Monongahela river. The room we would want is stunning.  Pro:  There is a wonderful view of Pittsburgh in a beautiful setting and the reunion space would be free (please see con).  Con: The room rate is out of reach for most people on a fixed income. (The room is free after we reach a certain level of beverage consumption. IMHO, none of us would ever make it home.)

A POSSIBILITY   Jerry knows of a restaurant a little to the east of Monroeville that he feels would be a excellent place for the reunion.  We need to add it to our list.

A decision on all of these possibilities will be made as soon as possible. We need feedback. Please email me at johnpa2112@aol.com. All concerns and ideas will be shared with the committee. We do not have comments on our page anymore because of poor behavior from the general public.