Since March, Pittsburgh City Council has been investigating the impacts of Wilkinsburg Borough becoming part of Pittsburgh. City Council hopes to share a complete report of their findings in the next few weeks. Part of this investigation involved a series of public hearings held throughout Pittsburgh between May and July. Thank you to all the Wilkinsburg and Pittsburgh residents who participated in those hearings and shared their thoughts with City Councilors.

Here in Wilkinsburg, we have continued our efforts to provide information about a potential merger between Pittsburgh and Wilkinsburg. We recently updated our website calculator and brochure to reflect recent changes to Wilkinsburg’s millage rate. Check out these updated resources:

📌Tax Comparison Calculator

The tax comparison calculator is an easy way for you to figure out what exactly annexation means for you and your specific financial situation. Additionally, the wilkinsburgmerger.org site provides other detailed information about annexation and the potential impacts on Wilkinsburg, Pittsburgh, and the residents of our two communities.

📌Wilkinsburg Merger Brochure

The Wilkinsburg Merger Brochure provides an overview of the current issues facing Wilkinsburg, the opportunity we have to merge with Pittsburgh, and the approach being taken to explore this process.

We continue to follow the timeline established earlier this year. This timeline has not changed:

March to August 2022: Pittsburgh City Council investigation takes place.

 March to July 2022 – City Council will investigate the impacts of Wilkinsburg Borough becoming part of Pittsburgh.

May to July 2022 – City Council will hold community meetings in Pittsburgh.

July 2 to September 28, 2022: Referendum petition circulation in Wilkinsburg.

October 2022: Petition submitted to the Court of Common Pleas.

·October to December – If petition is approved,   Court   will order Pittsburgh City Council to vote on the issue within 90 days.

May 16, 2023: If City Council votes in favor, Wilkinsburg will vote on the annexation referendum during the 2023 municipal primary electionMay to December 2023: If Wilkinsburg votes in favor, City and Borough officials will work through all negotiations/contracts and transition.

January 2024: Wilkinsburg officially becomes part of Pittsburgh.